What is blockchain?   Imagine you have a safe that is impossible to steal from. Any article you put inside the safe can never be altered, changed, or replaced.   That safe is blockchain.    Blockchain is a system of recording information that makes it difficult or impossible to change, hack, or cheat the system.    How can blockchain be applied to logistics?   A smart contract is one application of blockchain in the logistics sector.    Intelligent contracts let distribution enterprises-   
  • decrease red tape
  • automate the entire procurement cycle, and
  • remove human error. 
  A blockchain-based system also saves businesses money and time, eliminating manual paperwork.   It also fiercely combats issues such as a lack of transparency. (Customers don’t know where their products come from sometimes!)   A product can be checked by more than 30 organisms while traveling; adding all of these costs money.  The process is still verified manually by sheets of paper; if one document is missing, then a whole container, for instance, can be delayed and not loaded.    A delay in transport can cause the loss of several days, and if there is an expiration date on the goods, they can be misplaced.    What are the benefits of blockchain in logistics?   
  •     Transaction data on the blocks cannot be altered or forged, and the trade information is very trustworthy. 
Adopting intelligent agreements that can automate transactions under certain conditions can significantly enhance work speed.    In logistics, multiple parties are concerned with performing the tasks of transporting raw materials or products to consumers. All transactions in logistics are carried out based on various documents to ensure the trustworthiness of the trades. In global business, work is done based on standard trade documents. In contrast, there are usually no trust matters in face-to-face exchanges. The customer would pay after seeing the product for himself.   Innovation is undoubtedly underway with blockchain technology in the logistics field, where assignments involve much documentation.   

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